About Brightside Body Art

We are a team of kick-ass babes fueled by a passion for tattoos, body piercing, jewelry, and customer service.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, our body art team is dedicated to you, your vision, and providing a safe and clean environment. We strive to create an inclusive and safe space for all humans.

As part of our community, you help us contribute to small businesses and organizations that we care about. We love supporting our neighbors. Please reach out to us about upcoming fundraisers and community events.


Brightside Body Art was established in 2020.

The owners: Sarauna, Adrienne, and Trist’n | Pics by Eezabaya Photos


Portrait of Sarauna by Jazzer Rae Photos.




Sarauna immersed herself in the tattoo industry in her early teens and started her first apprenticeship right after graduating high school. Sarauna is very detail-oriented. She loves pin-up girls, fantasy, wildlife, human and animal portraits, flowers, and plants. Sarauna also enjoys coverups because they are always challenging and pretty much have to be custom. “I love custom work! Please ask me to draw for you.”




Adrienne grew up around tattoos and body modification. She got her first tattoo at 15. She started piercing right after college and apprenticed to tattoo shortly after. She loves when her clients have exciting new ideas for their body art. Being a tattoo artist in a constantly evolving industry is her life and passion.

Portrait of Adrienne by Jazzer Rae Photos.
Portrait of Trist'n by Jazzer Rae Photos.



Trist’n has always been a fan of needles and body modification. She is one of the most sought out body piercers in Montana. Being a mother, she is great working with young children. She truly enjoys delivering an informative, caring, and calm experience to her clients.




Larisa has been drawing ever since she was a kid and has been getting pierced and tattooed since she was 16. She is an avid lover of fine art, printmaking, and all needle-work including piercings, tattoos, knitting, and cross-stitch. 

She believes that body modification is a collaborative conduit for self-expression and loves working with clients to help them love their bodies even more.

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WE ARE APPOINTMENT ONLY for all services including jewelry purchasing and tattoo consultations.

For tattoo estimates please send images, size in inches, location, and any other details you wish us to know to the email address listed below.

We now offer ONLINE APPOINTMENTS for piercings!

Best Place to Get Pierced in Missoula!

Shout out to everyone who casted their votes for Best of Missoula 2023. We are always grateful and a little shook when our community recognizes and appreciates the hard work we put into Brightside. None of this would be possible without all of you! Thank you for continued trust and support!

First Place: Best Place to Get Pierced

Second Place: Best Jewelry Designer (Trist’n)

Third Place: Best Tattoo Shop

Best of Missoula 2023

Shout out to the best community in Montana! Brightside has been nominated for 5 categories in the Best of Missoula! The categories are: Best Tattoo Shop, Best Place to Get Pierced, Best Jewelry Store, Best Tattoo Artist (Adrienne!!) and Best Jewelry Designer (Trist’n!!).

We are so grateful that our business has been well received by our community and we appreciate your vote!

Best of Missoula 2023 Logo

Sponsorship of Queer Prom 2023

This year we decided to sponsor Queer Prom 2023 to support the local LGBTQ+ community and provide a safe space for all humans to be themselves.

Queer Prom is an annual event that our local LGBTQ+ Center organizes for Montana’s LGBTQ+ youth and adults who might not feel comfortable attending their school’s traditional prom. The event provides a safe and inclusive space for eeveryone to celebrate and be themselves. Attendees are able to enjoy music, dancing, and other fun activities while feeling accepted and welcomed by their peers. Friday May 5th, don’t miss out!

Missoula’s first studio to carry BVLA Jewelry!

We are officially Missoula’s first studio to carry BVLA jewelry! If you are looking to make a statement and love custom jewelry, we are now accepting special orders. Our jewelry specialist is available by appointment and email to help you customize and style your ears! BVLA is a high end, brand name, luxurious jewelry company based in Los Angeles, California and we are thrilled to be a part of their family!

Email us at brightsidebodyart@gmail.com to speak with a jewelry specialist or to special order jewelry.

A person's ear with 7 different piercings adorned with BVLA jewelry. BVLA jewelry is made of high-quality materials and features intricate designs, enhancing the individual's unique style and personal expression.

Celebrating our One Year Anniversary!

We spent our one year anniversary at the Western Montana Fair with local photographer, Isabella Mitchell, aka @eezabaya. The evening was spent riding rides, watching the rodeo and eating way too much food. We want to deeply thank all of our supporters for the past year. We could not do this without all of you! Here’s to many more years serving the Missoula community!

New Merch coming soon!

Larisa, Sarauna’s tattoo apprentice, designed our new sticker for pride month! The stickers will be arriving June 8th and they will be available to purchase for $5! All proceeds of these stickers will be donated to The Western Montana LGBTQ+ Community Center. This center fosters a welcoming space for community members from Western Montana and surrounding areas.  They offer community events and free space for LGBTQ+ individuals, groups, communities, host events focused on identity development and self-care, empowerment, leadership development, community engagement, and overall wellness. We are thrilled to support this amazing center! Stop in and grab a sticker to show your support! https://www.gaymontana.org/mission-statement/

Welcome Larisa!

It is with great pride that we announce the addition of Larisa to the Brightside Body Art family.

Larisa has supported Brightside and our artists since before the launch of our business, patiently awaiting her moment to become a full member of our team.

Larisa previously trained as a body piercer under Tristn’s mentorship. It’s great to have the team back together again. We will be able to offer expanded piercing availability with her on the schedule.

Larisa is also apprenticing as a tattoo artist with Sarauna. We are so grateful and excited to watch her journey to becoming a tattooist.